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Police release image after burglar stole TV from Jesmond home. Durham Cathedral Afternoon tea in Harry Potter classroom is on offer as Durham Cathedral reveals magical 'hidden' room. Employment Looking for work? There's a massive jobs fair at Silverlink in North Tyneside on Thursday. Sunderland Man banned from McDonald's restaurant after being arrested more than times. County Durham Alleged murder victim John Littlewood died of 'blunt head injuries' - coroner reveals An inquest into the death of the year-old has been opened by County Durham and Darlington Coroner's Court. Walbottle Campus Head teacher of Walbottle Campus steps down after taking early retirement, school governors say.

Northumbria Police Machete wielding robber strikes at Kenton newsagents a week after similar attack nearby Northumbria Police is probing two raids at a newsagents and convenience store in the Kenton area of Newcastle, which happened a week apart. Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle Drink driver who was airlifted to hospital after crashing scooter in Wallsend banned from the road.

Crime Police hunt wanted Sunderland man over alleged burglary in Newcastle. Crime Newcastle man charged with eight counts of terror offences The year-old, from High Callerton, was arrested as part of an investigation into right-wing terrorism. Conservative Party The Tory MP from Surrey who decided to help out a deprived Tyneside town Sir John Jarvis made it his mission to help the people of Jarrow in the midst of the Depression, yet his efforts are largely forgotten nowadays. Crime Police provide update after woman reportedly raped in Newcastle's Bigg Market Police want to speak to 11 witnesses after a reported rape on Friday morning which is linked to an earlier alleged robbery.

Halloween Northumberland castle to stay open after dark Halloween horror experience. The former Barnsley manager linked with the Sunderland job. Euromillions Is it you? Joe Flacco is drawing praise for his play from those in the organization so an immediate switch to Lock would be unlikely but if the last two games have no implications, he should start. Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, speaking in Denver on Tuesday, said the nation's central bank was ready to boost its balance sheet again to address a cash crunch in the financial system. Due to a wet spring and early summer, followed by a string of 90 degree days at the end of summer, algae blooms have formed in the creeks, ditches and reservoirs containing the Lafayette's water supply and are affecting the water's taste and smell, according to the city.

Already locked in a heated impeachment battle, President Donald Trump found a new way to rile Washington this week. Late Sunday, the White House announced that it would not impede an imminent Turkish invasion into northeastern Syria. By Monday morning, my colleagues confirmed that the United States had begun withdrawing troops from the Syrian-Turkish border, where they had been stationed Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Men, however, "can offset poor physical attractiveness, or further enhance existing good looks, by demonstrating their large levels of resources.

After analyzing unusual animal behavior, magnetic fluctuations, outbreaks of mayhem on Twitter, and the position of the moon, a psychic has foretold that a moderate earthquake will rumble through the St. Louis, Missouri area in the coming weeks. I don't agree with her prophecy. But I have a prediction of my own. Using data about how cosmic forces are conspiring to amuse and titillate your rapture chakra, I predict a major lovequake for many Aries between now and Aug.

I suggest you start preparing immediately. Brainstorm about adventures and breakthroughs that will boost exciting togetherness. Get yourself in the frame of mind to seek out collaborative catharses that evoke both sensory delights and spiritual insights. Science has always made its greatest strides when spurred by powerful forces. Capitalism and global trade pushed the innovations of the Industrial Revolution. Global war efforts have led to advancements in food storage, aviation and communications systems.

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As it turns out, there are fewer forces greater than humanity's thirst for beer. By way of example, Danish brewing company Carlsberg first established a laboratory in in order to advance the science of beer. One of the lab's first major breakthroughs came in the development of a purified yeast that is still used by many industrial brewers to this day.

Another scientific breakthrough--the development of the pH scale--has found applications that stretch far beyond the brewing world. This Friday evening, Montalvo Arts Center will launch an exhibit of textile and fiber art installations, "Threads: Weaving Humanity," to kick off its annual outdoor summer program, "Art on the Grounds," embroidering a powerful array of social and global themes, both literally and metaphorically.

In most cases, works of textile art are sensitive to the elements, so they tend to be presented indoors, in highly controlled environments rather than be subjected to the weather outside, but with "Threads," this is not the case. Each international artist designed his or her work to interact with Montalvo's natural surroundings. Put on 10 pounds recently? No problem! There's surely an app that'll stick your head on the bod of some year-old who works out 13 hours a day and subsists on gum and bottles of air. Social media is often seen as Satan with cat memes. It gets blamed for everything from eating disorders to the decline in the bee population.

But consider that how a person uses social media can shape how it affects them. Psychologist Sarah Hanley and her colleagues note that there are two different kinds of social media users: active and passive. Active social media users create content and communicate with others.

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Passive users browse newsfeeds and posts without commenting. An Aries reader sent me a boisterous email. So I took drastic action. Here's an excerpt: "I gave laughing lessons to a cat. I ate a spider. I conducted a sneezing contest. I smashed an alarm clock with a hammer. Whenever an elderly woman walked by, I called out 'Hail to the Queen!

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I gave names to my spoon Hortense , the table Beatrice , a fly that was buzzing around Fallon , and a toothpick Arturo. It began with a long lost text resurfacing at just the right time. A review copy showed up at Metro, and apparently I took it home with the intention of reviewing the book and then forgot about it. I have no memory of this, but after some recent domestic reorganization, I rediscovered the book. Helpfully, Collison and his team found that there's a particular type that tends to milk men out of meals, and it's women who scored high in the "dark triad.

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Machiavellianism involves a tendency to manipulate and deceive others for personal gain. Psychopathy is marked by a lack of empathy and remorse. The researchers note that people who score high in it are unlikely to consider their date's perspective and "the intense negative emotions" that come from being led on.

And finally, there's narcissism. Narcissists are self-adoring, self-focused, entitled creeps who tend to be "socially adept. Eight years ago, researchers in Kerala, India went to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple and climbed down into centuries-old vaults deep beneath the main floor. They found a disorganized mess of treasure in the form of gold and precious gems. There were hundreds of chairs made from gold, baskets full of gold coins from the ancient Roman Empire, and a four-foot-high solid statue of a god, among multitudinous other valuables.

I like bringing these images to your attention, Taurus, because I have a theory that if you keep them in your awareness, you'll be more alert than usual to undiscovered riches in your own life and in your own psyche. I suspect you are closer than ever before to unearthing those riches. When this all took off about 14 years ago, the Vallejo-born San Jose State University grad assumed he would eventually fall back on his civil engineering degree.

Instead, what began with a first-place trophy in a Stockton asparagus eating contest, led to an impressive third-place finish at the Nathan's Famous contest, and ultimately morphed into a career, complete with corporate sponsorships and his own line of mustard.

The date of July 5, , lives in punk rock infamy, in Santa Clara and around the world. That whole month in particular resonates with many locals. Located at Martin Ave. It was the only place a year-old could go dancing until 3 in the morning. People even lost their virginities inside the place. Still, it makes sense that your wife is getting all green monster-y. Human emotions, including jealousy, are a tool chest for solving the mating and survival problems that have kept popping up throughout human history. Jealousy is a guard-dog emotion, rising up automatically when we sense that our partnership might be threatened.

Research by evolutionary psychologist David Buss finds that our jealousy, in turn, triggers mate-retention behaviors, such as going around all hangdog mopeypants to try to guilt our partner into spending less time with their sparkly new friend. When the universe began Now there are elements, including five that are key components of your body: oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.

All of those were created by nuclear reactions blazing on the insides of stars that later died. So it's literally true to say that much of your flesh and blood and bones and nerves originated at the hearts of stars. I invite you to meditate on that amazing fact. It's a favorable time to muse on your origins and your ancestry, to ruminate about all the events that led to you being here today--including more recent decades, as well as the past On a bright and sunny afternoon in mid-May, several thousand teal-clad sports fans swarmed the SAP Center in downtown San Jose for a rambunctious outdoor rally before Game 7 of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche.

As game time approached, thousands more descended on the "Shark Tank," and millions more around the Bay Area and across North America watched the game from home. It was an exciting back-and-forth match-up eventually won by the hometown Spiders Last week, a dazzling matrix of native San Joseans wrote songs, played music in the streets or threw together musical events over a span of two days, part of which constituted San Jose's contribution to the annual Make Music Day Friday.

With such a wide variety of music emanating from people born and raised in San Jose, the anti-man-about-town came away a little less anti. Last year, she sold out Cafe Stritch and filmed a video with several local personalities included. Understanding all of this, you should probably go easy on yourself for being a bit of a slow learner on the "fool me twice" thing. If this guy was also putting one over on himself in these phone conversations, that probably made it much more believable to you.

Mark him as emotionally toxic and come up with a plan in case he calls again. Options include blocking his number, not picking up or figuring out how to control the conversation if he veers off into Sweetnothingsville.

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On a positive note, it does seem he's accidentally telling the truth in one area: You do seem to be the woman of his dreams, as you always vanish from his consciousness as soon as he wakes up. Here are your fortune cookie-style horoscopes for the months ahead. JULY: Discipline your inner flame. Use your radiance constructively. Your theme is controlled fire. Find the inspiration to focus on what's right and good. Work hard in service to your beautiful dreams. Ask them for more.

You can kinda see the merits of dating your doppelganger: "I'm looking for myself, but as someone else so I don't always have to empty the dishwasher and scream out my own name in bed. Actually, the opposite often seems to be the case. According to research on "assortative mating," people tend to pair up with partners who are physically similar to them more often than would be expected through random chance.

To explore how much matchiness is appealing to us, social-personality psychologists R. Chris Fraley and Michael J. Marks used a computer to blend each research participant's face into the face of a stranger of the opposite sex. Orfield Laboratories is an architectural company that designs rooms for ultimate comfort.

They sculpt the acoustic environment so that sounds are soft, clear and pleasant to the human ear. They ensure that the temperature is just right and the air quality is always fresh. At night the artificial light is gentle on the eyes, and by day the sunlight is rejuvenating. In the coming weeks, I'd love for you to be in places like this on a regular basis. According to my analysis of the astrological rhythms, it's recharging time for you. You need and deserve an abundance of cozy relaxation.

A little after 2pm on Oct. Standing before nearly 10, people, the legendary Bay Area music promoter had a few housekeeping items to address. Be careful as you're boogieing about. Watch what you eat, watch what you drink, have a good time. The statue of Momotaro, a hero of Japanese folklore, was gifted to San Jose by the city of Okayama in Upon a recent visit, the statue was cluttered with a few cobwebs, but it still retained an austere mythological status.

At any given time, SJOSC orchestrates a matrix of initiatives to enhance human connections between the two cities. Sexual disgust leads a person to feel creeped out about having sex with evolutionarily disadvantageous partners too old, too closely related or sporting a big pustule that screams STD. Moral disgust leads us to be all "Oh, yuck! And finally, there's the pathogen disgust your girlfriend's expressing, which protects us from bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins by making us beat a retreat from sick people, dead bodies, spoiled food, and bodily fluids like mucus, spit and poo.

Evolutionary psychologist Laith Al-Shawaf and his colleagues call women's greater disgust sensitivity "puzzling in light of their well-documented immunological superiority. We may not have to travel to other planets to find alien life. Instead of launching expensive missions to other planets, we could look for exotic creatures here on earth. Astrobiologist Mary Beth Wilhelm is doing just that. Her search has taken her to Chile's Atacama Desert, whose terrain has resemblances to Mars. She's looking for organisms like those that might have once thrived on the Red Planet.

In accordance with astrological omens, I invite you to use this idea as a metaphor for your own life. Consider the possibility that you've been looking far and wide for an answer or resource that is actually close at hand. These days drinking is about more than tying one on, cutting loose on the dance floor or whooping and hollering for the local team.


Today's barkeeps use power tools to cut crystal clear cubes out of massive blocks of ice and source obscure liqueurs from Iceland in an effort to delight and surprise customers. In the craft beer world there is a veritable arms race going on, as brewers seek to resurrect long-lost strains of yeast and use computers to dial in their hoppy concoctions. One year ago this Saturday, we were dining on a tiny island near Grado, Italy, when we heard the news that Anthony Bourdain had passed away. It happened all of a sudden.

At the northern fringe of the Adriatic Sea, we had sailed up to a petite forested island in a small skipper boat just after lunchtime on June 8 to visit Fiuri de Tapo, an outdoor seafood restaurant. Nothing else was on the island except the restaurant and the proprietor's house, all reachable by sailing through a lagoon from the touristy hotspot of Grado, an island community two miles away.

Fiuri de Tapo translates to "Flowers of Cork," after a lavender flower that blooms all over these scattered islands. This view he has of you is likely to have some serious staying power. That's because our brain is big on automatic processes, forming and storing what I call "thinkpacks" so we don't have to put cognitive energy into things we've already figured out. For example, say you do something for the first time, like opening a weird latch on a cupboard.

Each time you do it again, the more automatic--that is, the more unthinking--it becomes. Believing works similarly. Once we form a belief, we tend to just go with it automatically. Questioning a belief, on the other hand, takes mental effort. That's an extreme statement that I can't agree with. But I understand what he's driving at. Repeating yourself can be debilitating, even deadening.

That includes trying to draw inspiration from the same old sources that have worked for you in the past. In accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you try to minimize exact repetition in the next two weeks, both in what you express and what you absorb. For further motivation, here's William S.

Burroughs: "Truth may appear only once; it may not be repeatable. The video went viral shortly after Pelosi said that Donald Trump's family should stage an intervention with the president "for the good of the country. It was also shared by Trump lawyer and apologist Rudy Guiliani with a caption since deleted that read: "omg, is she drunk or having a stroke?

The deceptive clip was actually released by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The recent past of the San Jose Poetry Slam is one of endless struggles to find a long-term home. The slam spent a few years migrating from nightclub to nightclub, just trying to get one slot a month, usually on an off night, but couldn't secure a long-term commitment from any one particular venue. A few years ago, the slam found what looked like a perfect spot--Monday nights once a month in the Pilsner Room behind Gordon Biersch.

Then GB closed down, leaving the slam without a venue. Cafe Stritch then filled in the gap, allowing the slam to unfold on Sundays once a month. Then due to unforeseen circumstances, Stritch closed on Sundays, leaving the slam homeless yet again. Accordingly, Biegler and Kennair found that moms and sisters wanted hunks for themselves but would steer their daughter or sibling to the stable guy with resources.

Granted, this probably isn't a conscious move on their part--all "gotta make her believe the rich troll is her soulmate. In the coming weeks it will make good sense for you to travel down winding paths replete with interesting twists and provocative turns. The zigzags you'll be inspired to pursue won't be inconvenient or inefficient, but rather will be instrumental in obtaining the healing you need.

To honor and celebrate this oddly lucky phase, I'll quote parts of "Flying Crooked," a poem by Robert Graves. Even the acrobatic swift has not his flying-crooked gift. For the past week, Silicon Valley has been hammered with unseasonably wet weather and chilly temperatures, even lightning. But the region's live music venues, theater troupes, museums and tireless creatives are putting off more than enough heat to remind us that we are approaching what promises to be an exciting--and entertaining--summer.

Last Saturday, multiple generations of San Jose Earthquakes players, fans and alumni got to witness American soccer history as Danville native Chris Wondolowski shattered the league's all-time goal-scoring record on a rain-soaked day at Avaya Stadium. Former Quake Landon Donovan held the previous league record of , which had stood since Wondolowski, 36, started the match with career goals, only needing one more to match Donovan's effort, yet he scored four, lifting the Quakes to a victory over a dismal Chicago side. Making matters worse, our fight-or-flight system reflexively reacts to verbal attacks in the same adrenalized way it does to physical attacks.

So, angry directness from you is likely to provoke a rudester into amping up the ugly--turning around and deeming you rude, wrong, and "Wow Ultimately, using over-the-top humor, delivered flatly, allows you to restructure the power balance, shifting yourself out of the victim position. You're clearly informing the person they've crossed a line, with minimal aggression on your part.

What standards might we use in evaluating levels of sexual satisfaction? One cruclal measure is the tenderness and respect that partners have for each other. Others include the ability to play and have fun, the freedom to express oneself uninhibitedly, the creative attention devoted to unpredictable foreplay, and the ability to experience fulfilling orgasms. How do you rate your own levels, Taurus? Wherever you may currently fall on the scale, the coming months will be a time when you can accomplish an upgrade.

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Read authors who specialize in the erotic arts. Talk to your partners with increased boldness and clarity. While meditating, search for clues in the depths. The song "Black Juju" by Alice Cooper is blasting at 8am. A cocktail-style table sits in the center of the room, constructed with a circular piece of glass atop some tires from a Belvedere. I am in the corner drinking a cup of English breakfast from Satori Tea Company. Artwork created with skateboard decks surrounds me. There are no hipsters anywhere. I'm not describing my apartment.

This is the newly revamped Circa-A Skate Shop, operated by Bob Schmelzer in downtown San Jose, a swirling-glass retail space across from Hammer Theatre, a business approaching 22 years, making it one of the oldest continuously operating retail establishments in all of downtown. And even if a woman is a staunch feminist, all "I don't care who the earner in the relationship is," the psychological operating system driving us right now is adapted for ancestral times and the problems that arose then.

So it just keeps on keepin' on, pushing a woman to go for men who can "provide," even when she's on the birth controlliest birth control like a copper IUD.

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In other words, you are not getting the long end of the stick here, financially or commitment-wise, and evolution has programmed you to be nagged by feelbad emotions until you do something to change that. Your boyfriend, meanwhile, surely has some feelbad of his own.

According to humorist Dave Barry, "The method of learning Japanese recommended by experts is to be born as a Japanese baby and raised by a Japanese family, in Japan. Immerse yourself in environments that will efficiently and effectively fill you with the teachings you need.