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Clear out the clutter, in your mind and in your closet.

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Thursday feel the oneness. One world, one wide path -- let yourself slide forward with the momentum of the collective. Friday you can take a little time to bring someone who's been reluctant aboard. Saturday is Valentine's Day. Be a little choosy this year. Not out of judgment, but for consolidation. Sunday examine how you can achieve more balance.

Monday, the 16th, is a good day to bring the mind to a point of focus; concentrate on what's important. Remember that faith is strongest when we are focused steadily on what's truly important. Tuesday brings a charge of enthusiasm and large impulses.

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  • Go with that. Wednesday the Sun goes into Pisces.

    Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

    It's an easy day to be considerate and experience some generosity in your thoughts. Explore it; let go of the needs of your self. Thursday we're likely to sense a constraint, some complications. Address them head on but thoughtfully. Don't insist on a solution, just look to understand the problem. Stay with that attitude all the way through Friday. Find the power in restraint and watch the situation clarify itself, like trees emerge from a fog as it lifts.

    Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    Saturday that sense of power will become more refined; the result is confidence. Sunday the idea you've been waiting for arrives, landing lightly, right where it belongs. Welcome it, then put it to use. Monday is a day for putting thought into action, but not forcefully, just naturally. And Tuesday, the 24th, brings us the New Moon in Pisces. It's Fat Tuesday. This pose is a standing balance on one leg; head, torso and raised leg are all in one line parallel to the floor.

    Let the foot of your raised leg touch the wall behind you to help with both extension and balance. You can also support the arms on the seat of a chair placed in front of you. Be in the experience of the Warrior III pose; consolidate your lines of force; clarify the mind; focus forward; release any constriction; feel the vector in this pose and let it raise your confidence. New Moon 24 February p. Sun and Moon are separating from a sextile to Pluto. Mercury is approaching Mars in Aquarius and both are sextile to Venus in Aries.

    Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception, and the pair disposit all the planets. The planets form a tight band of energy between Capricorn and Aries, with Saturn standing apart like a discus hurler winding up with his grip on the other nine planets. These two weeks are loaded with semisextile and quincunx formations, and our collective energy will feel like we're playing an old piano that has a few strings missing and a few badly tuned. You can make that piano jump, remember, if you manage to skip the sour keys and take a few discordant notes in stride.

    Tuesday the 24th, there's a "Let's go" exuberance in the air, and it will carry us through the week. The new moon is in the area of the sky called Magha , a royal star that symbolizes the heart of Leo the lion. The fire of the soul atma is kindled here. This nakshatra is said to be the celestial throne of the ancestor spirits pittris , the guardian angels that protect life on this planet.

    12222 Eclipses: Astrology and Predictions

    Magha new moon empowers the heart by tapping into the roots of life itself, and also into the world of spirit beyond. Magha can open portals to higher dimensions and deliver guidance from other realms. Take heed, anxiety, social unrest, and public scandal could increase in the weeks to come as the continuing alignment of Kala Sarpa Yoga , the serpent of time, awakens and stirs up forces of global karma. Since the beginning of August, Mars and Venus have been burning up together in the glare of the sun combust , and now fast moving Mercury has joined the fray. This pile up of combust planets burning in the fire sign Leo, is an omen of the Amazon wildfires, and other destructive fires and civil unrest recently burning around the world.

    On a heart level, the charismatic combination of Venus and Mars in sensual Purva Phalguni , ignites passion and stokes romantic feelings, but may also trigger irritability and conflict in partnerships. Falling in and out of love can happen quickly now, so be mindful not to rush.

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    Mars will reach maximum combustion on Sept 2, and then begin to separate from the sun, possibly pushing stagnate situations out of limbo. Since Sept 2 is also the auspicious birthday of the elephant god, Lord Ganesha , the remover of obstacles, long standing problems can resolve then. I'm back in India! Because of technical difficulties here, my new moon video forecast will be released after Sept 2.

    Book a Vedic Astrology and Tarot reading with me here. The full moon of August 15 am PT rings with a subtle sound that will magnify the healing power of music, dance, and heart-to-heart connection.

    Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

    Symbolized by a drum or a flute, its lunar rays will enhance your ability to be in sync with your own needs and emotions, as well as those of the people around you. This configuration can help dissolve illusion, self-deception, and self-sabotage on both a personal and a global level, elevating our individual and collective consciousness.

    Still in the wake of the July eclipses, the month of August is about getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to love and money. Venus is at a critical turning point in her eight-year cycle of commitment and romantic desire. No longer visible in the morning sky, Venus is less than half a degree from the heart of the blinding sun. As Venus merges with the sun, she will pass through the door of death, to be reborn in September as evening star. The Venus combustion takes place in the deeply emotional and sensitive nakshatra , or area of the sky, known as Ashlesha.

    Passions will be ignited and hearts will be tender, so take extra care when it comes to love relationships, as things could easily get complicated. Think back to what was happening in your life in August and September in the Venus-ruled subjects of love and money. A cycle that began then is coming to completion now. To keep us on our toes, an alignment called Kala Sarpa Yoga , or the Serpent of Time, is magnifying the forces of karma on a global level.

    For the remainder of the year, on days when the moon is waxing, every planet will move toward the tail of the Karmic snake, Ketu. We're certainly getting down to business and serious AF during this transit, Capricorn-style — but we're also going to be feeling the dreamy, otherworldly effects of planet Neptune, which will be sextile to the solar eclipse. Bustle also spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust , who explains further: "While this particular eclipse is a solar eclipse, we may be forced to rely on intuition, rather than facts.

    That all said, Neptune's placement also makes this new moon and eclipse an ideal time for creative pursuits, as well. So while overall we're seeing a lot of positivity and support for our goals during this eclipse, this transit isn't without its struggles. I mean, Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn is all about tough love, after all. Astrologer Steph Koyfman also spoke with Bustle about the effects of the upcoming partial eclipse. The partial solar eclipse is going to be a time for growth, and its placement in Capricorn is asking us to do the work to make it happen.